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Dental Insurance

At Winchester Dental Studio, our front office will be happy to work with your dental insurance. Making sure you receive the maximum benefit from your insurance is just part of how we provide patients with exceptional customer service. Also, if you have any questions in general about your dental insurance plan, or in regard to any specific dental treatment that you or a family member require, please contact our office before scheduling the necessary appointment.

In Network vs. Out-of-Network

You may have noticed that your plan has providers who are in-network as well as those who are out-of-network. The major difference between the two is the amount of coverage you receive for a particular procedure. If we are in-network, then there is a pre-negotiated rate for our service. If we are out-of-network, then there is no pre-negotiated rate and there may be a difference between our fee and the allowable fee set by your dental insurance.

For your convenience, Winchester Dental Studio is in-network with all PPOs, excluding HMOs.

Dental Insurance Defined

Dental insurance is fundamentally different than medical health insurance because of the two fields’ different approaches to care. Your physician most often provides care once there is a problem, but your dentist provides care in order to avoid a problem.

For instance, let’s say that your daughter complains of a sore throat and headache. You take her to your pediatrician and discover that she has strep throat. She’s given an antibiotic and starts to feel better after only a couple of doses.

Dentistry, on the other hand, works to prevent oral health problems. That’s why Dr. Sobieh wants to see you and your family for regular checkups. In addition to cleaning your teeth, this is our opportunity to monitor your overall oral health and spot the signs and symptoms of trouble—tooth decay, gum disease, cracked teeth and more.

Because dental insurance benefits run out at the end of each calendar year, it makes sense for you to schedule these checkups in a timely fashion. In other words—use it or lose it.

For more information about dental insurance or to clarify your coverage for a procedure, please call our office.

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